The “We have a guy for that” package

This package was created from popular demand by our clients.

They wanted a way to save money, not be bothered by fly-by door knockers and have OCS treat their asphalt every year or every two years.

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Parking Lots

OCS specializes in all aspects of parking lot services and maintenance. Our job is to provide ultimate peace of mind to our property managers as we handle every aspect of the project.

We are most often contracted to repair cracks with hot rubberized crack fill used on Ottawa’s highways.

We also repair pot holes, cut out old asphalt  and replace, build ramps, speed bumps and fix flow of water and seal with liquid asphalt.

Areas to be repaired are marked out ahead of time and the job is completed with expert precision.

Finally we paint new lines and the parking lot is as good as new.

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Property managers contact: 613-OCS-3833


Tar and Chip

If you live out on a large property and have a driveway of 2000 sq feet or more, Tar and Chip is a beautiful, practical and affordable alternative to asphalt. Don’t pay 10s of thousands for asphalt only to see it crack after two years. Tar and Chip is constructed on-site and doesn’t crack. In fact, it requires little to no maintenance.

Tar and chip driveways are very similar to blacktop or standard asphalt driveways. Both are usually installed on a compacted gravel base. The base is the foundation or strongest part of the driveway. The tar and chip surfaces are actually flexible. They are the wear-layer of the driveway and prevent the erosion of the gravel base.

A tar and chip driveway differs from a standard blacktop driveway in that it is made on site. The hot liquid asphalt and stone chips are actually applied simultaneously on the gravel base.

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Crack filling

Our commercial crack fill department uses state of the art equipment to provide highway-grade hot rubberized crack repair. This is not anything that can be bought at a store.

We heat the rubberized compound in the machine’s oven to 400F and with precision, the liquid compound is injected straight into the cracks and smoothed over.

Free on-site consultations

Property managers call: 613-OCS-3833


Line Painting

Parking spaces, hash marks, handi-cap spots, smiley faces, you name it. We paint it.

Free on-site consultations

Property managers call: 613-OCS-3833


Request Warranty Information

OCS warranty packages are game changing. They are not “100% workman ship guarantees” that keep you happy for a few days. This warranty was designed to keep your driveway in excellent condition every year without having to pay twice.

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