Driveway Sealing

Ottawa City Sealing provides commercial and residential sealing services with a five step process:

Driveway Cleaning

We begin by trimming the grass along the perimeter of your driveway to expose the entire surface to be sealed. Any intruding weeds are removed and we use an industrial brush to remove caked-on dust and debris. Next, we power-blow your driveway for a dry-cleaned and ready to seal asphalt surface.

Protecting Interlock

We take tremendous precaution in making sure that your interlock is left untouched. Our sealing team takes extra time to thoroughly apply sufficient tape over your surrounding property and also uses edging boards around the entire perimeter of your driveway to GUARANTEE a perfect trim and complete sealing of your asphalt.

Crack and Pot Hole Filling

We also repair any cracks in your driveway by filling them with a miniature-asphalt (water proof) crack filler. Pot holes are also filled and smoothed out before the sealant is applied.

Sealing Application

Thick coat. No fade lines. Our highly experienced workers apply the sealant to your driveway using a technique that is designed to obtain the best results possible. Our sealant is applied with the use of a high pressure spray which allows the sealant to cover the entire asphalt surface evenly. The driveway is stained with our tar-based sealant as opposed to painted with an acrylic.

Driveway Closing

We leave you with a fully rejuvenated Jet-Black driveway, free of overspray. We then close down all entrances to your driveway with yellow caution tape so others do not disrupt the curing process. It is your responsibility to remove the tape the following day.

Now we know some of you like a shiny finish.. but most of us don’t. OCS driveways don’t stay shiny and although you can park your car after 24 hours, the surface will reflect light for 2 weeks before fully curing to a matt black finish.