Tar and Chip

If you live out on a large property and have a driveway of 2000 sq feet or more, Tar and Chip is a beautiful, practical and affordable alternative to asphalt. Don’t pay 10s of thousands for asphalt only to see it crack after two years. Tar and Chip is constructed on-site and doesn’t crack. In fact, it requires little to no maintenance.

Tar and chip driveways are very similar to blacktop or standard asphalt driveways. Both are usually installed on a compacted gravel base. The base is the foundation or strongest part of the driveway. The tar and chip surfaces are actually flexible. They are the wear-layer of the driveway and prevent the erosion of the gravel base.

A tar and chip driveway differs from a standard blacktop driveway in that it is made on site. The hot liquid asphalt and stone chips are actually applied simultaneously on the gravel base.

Pavement, a mixture of asphalt, sand, and gravel,on the other hand, is usually mixed at an off site plant. It is delivered, much like ready mixed concrete, to your house and applied with a special spreader. We provide three compacted layers of OCS Tar and Chip. That gives a nice thick coating and a surface that may last anywhere from 12 to 20 years (depending on traffic and base sub-base quality).

If you want to refresh after a few years, all it takes is another affordable layer on top.

Tar and Chip driveways are constructed by first outlining the property and perimeter. We then lay and grade the first layer of gravel which is compressed. After compression, the first solid layer is sprayed with heated Liquid Emulsion Asphalt.

This process is repeated twice and then the final grade is put down, spread out and compressed.

Advantages of Tar and Chip

– Tar and chip driveways do not require this periodic maintenance such as Asphalt Sealing and Crack Repair.

– Tar and chip driveways are slightly rougher than a standard blacktop driveway for excellent traction in the winter.

– The surface isn’t smooth, yet it isn’t sharp and abrasive. It is in between. It is flexible and doesn’t crack.

– The cost of a Tar and Chip road or driveway can be less than that of an Asphalt road or driveway. How much more affordable? This will depend on the size of the driveway/road. Generally, with a proper base installed, the larger the surface to be paved, the more affordable Tar and Chip can be vs asphalt, due to bulk ordering on materials.